What is Fire Watch Services? Fire watch services are on-site security functions performed by specially designated, fully trained guards. Services typically consist of:

Fire Watch Services provides 24-hour protection for buildings and facilities. Services commonly include: Building Protection Ensures buildings are protected against fire hazards by preventing or controlling fires in existing structures. These may include combustible materials, oil and gas, flammable vapors, and electrical. Fire Watch Security monitor and prevent the spread of fire to all areas of a facility. These include; electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. It also provides training in fire safety.

Training in fire watch services includes the following classes: Public Fire Protection, Professional Fire Guard, and Basic Fire Science. These classes train guards to respond to emergencies and provide a safe environment on-site. They are trained to act in emergencies with an emphasis on managing risks, controlling fire hazards, and evacuating buildings during emergencies. The trained guards are also trained to provide support in hazardous environments such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and metal processing plants.

In addition to these, Fire Watch Services also provides on-call emergency fire alarms system services in response to emergencies. Fire alarms provide the opportunity to send a signal to fire watch services and other first responders in time to help prevent fire accidents and save lives. Most fires start in kitchen areas, laundry rooms, break rooms, and garages. Alarms are activated once smoke or flames are detected, which makes it easy for the trained guards to alert and assist first responders in preventing loss of life and possessions.

Fire Watch Services work closely with state and federal fire protection agencies to implement best practices and best fire protection standards. These include implementing fire watch guard services in response to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Protection Rating System (FPRS). The FPRS is a tool that helps businesses and other organizations to determine the highest rated level of protection provided by their facilities against all identified fire hazards.

Fire Watch Services has several benefits for companies and other large organizations. First, hot work watch guard services provide first-responders with the ability to quickly dispatch help to any major incident. Second, it helps reduce injuries and fatalities that can occur from fire and smoke inhalation. Third, it helps improve communication between first responders and emergency medical services and reduces the possibility of a dangerous situation worsening due to miscommunication. Finally, the reduction of fire hazards and injuries, while maintaining a safe environment for everyone, can ultimately save money for employers and employees alike by reducing healthcare expenses associated with injuries sustained in on-the-job accidents.